Overturned ship's fuel tanks drained of 320,000 gallons


Crews maintain done draining the fuel tanks of an overturned cargo ship three months after it capsized off the flee of Georgia

December 12, 2019, 6: 26 PM

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BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Crews maintain done draining all of the fuel from an overturned cargo ship three months after it capsized off the flee of Georgia, the crew overseeing salvage operations acknowledged Thursday.

Divers and varied workers removed more than 320,000 gallons (1.2 million liters) of oil blended with water aboard the South Korean ship Golden Ray. The vessel tipped over onto its aspect Sept. 8 rapidly after leaving the Port of Brunswick and stays beached about 70 miles (112 kilometers) south of Savannah.

“The completion of the fuel elimination enables the Unified Expose to switch on to our ultimate purpose of safely eradicating the ruin of the Golden Ray,” acknowledged Dart Guard Cmdr. Matt Baer acknowledged in a files release. “Removal of the vessel would possibly possibly be a extremely advanced and worthy operation.”

Siphoning all of the fuel from the ship proved an advanced job as properly. A total of 26 tanks wished emptying. Officers acknowledged a pair of of them were submerged and would possibly possibly be reached perfect by rappelling into the ship’s within and then diving underwater. The inner of every drained fuel tank changed into as soon as then cleaned with steam to take away any residual fuel.

Chris Graff of Gallagher Marine Systems, the firm overseeing salvage operations, acknowledged more than 500 individuals assisted in eradicating fuel from the ship.

The salvage crew has determined the Golden Ray, which nonetheless has 4,200autoswithin its cargo decks, will would possibly possibly well nonetheless be removed in pieces. The Dart Guard acknowledged in November that the job would possibly possibly perchance take one more year.

Crews maintain begun working to take away the ship’s propeller, propeller shaft and rudder to alleviate the stress of their blended weight — about 130 tons (118 metric tonnes) — on the ship’s hull, the salvage crew’s files release acknowledged.

Officers maintain no longer acknowledged what introduced on the Golden Ray to overturn. The ship’s pilot and 23 crew individuals were all safely rescued.

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