Behind-The-Scenes of the Disneyland Paris Costuming Department


Ever puzzled what it takes to fabricate costumes for dozens of displays and sights, and far more so for the hundreds of cast individuals who bring magic to Disney parks each day?

Enter theDisneyland ParisSewing Workshop, a crew of about 100 mavens dedicated to making the outfits passe by Disney characters, dancers in displays, parade performers and, needless to claim, the total sights, retailers, eating areas and accommodations, and each cast member in them! 

On one hand, you can hang the mark crew – the save ideas are created – made up of costume designers, costumiers, assistants, graphic designers and moreover a crew of cosmetology inventive consultants. And, on the assorted hand, the Sewing Workshop – the save the manufacturing of ideas comes to lifestyles – made up of about 50 dressmakers, milliners, pattern makers, tailors and even a wig maker.

There could be so indispensable fabulous expertise, with all and sundry a master of component and precision, working to fabricate every of the costumes that company fancy each day. Here are some stress-free facts by the numbers:

Disneyland Paris Costuming Department
  • It’s estimated that Mickey Mouse has more than 200 costumes for displays, parades, seasonal events and particular parties – something for every occasion! Minnie Mouse moreover has her have fabulous cloth cupboard without a fewer than 150 outfits, even a high fashion costume created by Alber Elbaz in 2013!
  • About 60,000 stage costume objects are passe for displays at Disneyland Paris. To illustrate, more than 400 costumes had been created over two years for “The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands,” requiring 2,541 meters of self-discipline cloth and 112 pairs of custom-made shoes. For “The Jungle Book Jive,” more than 2,000 pieces of former jewelry appear from Rajasthan, India.
  • There are about 8,000 cast people in operational roles on the resort who are dressed by the Disneyland Paris costuming teams, with 692 designs up to now since 1992.
  • In 2019 by myself, 29,000 meters of self-discipline cloth had been ordered by the costuming teams.
Disneyland Paris Costuming Department

This astronomical workshop is a dream attain factual for kids and adults, for followers of our displays, sights and even style mark lovers like effectively-known French style style designer Chantal Thomass, who no longer too lengthy ago stopped by the shop. Look the video below for a on the aid of-the-scenes gape at her talk over with!

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