Syrian state media says Israel is firing missiles into Syria


Syrian allege media says the country’s air defenses are responding to a missiles attack from inner Israel

December 22, 2019, 10: 12 PM

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BEIRUT — Syrian air defenses opened fire Sunday evening on missiles fired from inner Israel, allege media reported.

Syrian allege TV gave no additional details nonetheless residents of Damascus said explosions would possibly perhaps additionally be heard end to the capital. Relate TV said one in all the Israeli missiles was once shot down end to the Damascus suburb of Aqraba.

There was once additionally no instantaneous commentary from Israel.

The Britain-based mostlySyrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition war monitoring community that has activists around the country, said the missile attack targetedIranian andSyrian defense power positions end to Damascus.

There were no instantaneous reports on casualties.

In neighboring Lebanon, Israeli warplanes would possibly perhaps additionally be heard flying in the country’s airspace at the time of the airstrikes in Syria. Damascus had said in the previous that Israeli warplanes luxuriate in fired missiles into Syria from Lebanon’s airspace.

Closing month, Israel said it struck dozens of Iranian targets in Syria in a “wide-scale” operation per rocket fire on the Israeli-managed Golan Heights the day sooner than.

Israel has again and again struck Iran-linked targets in Syria in present years and has warned against any everlasting Iranian presence on the frontier.

Iran has forces based mostly in Syria, Israel’s northern neighbor, and supports Hezbollah militants in Lebanon.

In November, Israel killed a senior commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, an Iran-backed community in the Gaza Strip, environment off two days of heavy combating. A separate airstrike targeted nonetheless failed to waste an Islamic Jihad chief in Damascus, underscoring the chance of escalation at a lot of force points across the volatile set.

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