Man pretends to be sheriff to intimidate contractors: Polic


Several contractors had positioned a lien on 51-yr-former Todd Geiger’s unusual home.

January 5, 2020, 9: 05 PM

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A Unique Jersey man used to be arrested last week for impersonating a sheriff in an are attempting and intimidate contractors who were engaged on his unusual home.

Several contractors had positioned a lien on 51-yr-former Todd Geiger’s unusual home being in-constructed Sarasota County, Florida, for non-charge.

Donning a black bulletproof vest and a police-style badge, Geiger drove to a contractor’s home asking neighbors for files referring to the contractor, while identifying himself as “the Sheriff,” in conserving with a courtroom affidavit.

Geiger also identified as other contractors and a construction firm intelligent with the lien, the sheriff’s role of business’s observation stated.

Neighbors grew suspicious since Geiger used to be using a white Maserati with Unique Jersey plates, reported Sarasota ABC News affiliate, WWSB.

“Sheriffs are no longer using round in Maseratis with Unique Jersey license plates,” stated Lt. Jason Mruczek in WWSB’s bid.

Geiger used to be in dispute with the contractors over $33,000 of work done on his home, a apartment,reported WWSB.

Facing two counts of unsuitable impersonation of legislation enforcement, Geiger used to be launched from the Sarasota County Detention heart on a $3,000 bond.

“In nowadays’s world, it is more crucial than ever for communities to perceive and belief their legislation enforcement,” Sheriff Tom Knight commented on the company’s internet role. “Lucky for us, our residents are orderly and on this incident, they knew one thing wasn’t apt. Credit rating goes to both cognizant witnesses and astronomical detectives for getting this man off our streets and out of our community.”

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