Победитель турнира «Величайший за все время» от Jeopardy! Кто такой Кен Дженнингс


(NEW YORK) — Being courageous paid off for originalJeopardy!mega-champion Ken Jennings, whereas it didn’t for his opponents.

Jennings won his third match within theJeopardy!“Supreme of all Time” contest televised on Tuesday, an occasion that’s been a first-rate-time hit for ABC. He pocketed $1 million by dispatchingJames Holzhauer, who won one match, and Brad Rutter, who came up empty.

The gamesmanship between the three males thought to be as basically the most-completed and only-known within the display disguise’s contemporary history proved fascinating, whereas containing the total rigidity of a fundamental sporting match.

Jennings took a proper lead within the first sport of Tuesday’s match by borrowing a formula popularized by Holzhauer, twice having a wager all of his aspects on a Day-to-day Double and winning. He signaled his arrangement by imitating the gesture of a poker player pushing all of his chips to the middle of the table.

In a “Closing Jeopardy” demand about Greece, Jennings wager all 32,800 of his aspects on the clue: “This blueprint of Greece, residence to Pan, is synonymous with a rural paradise; it’s a atmosphere for Vergil’s shepherd poems the ‘Ecologues.’ He accurately answered, “What is Arcadia?”

Holzhauer used to be main within the second sport of the match, where the “Closing Jeopardy” demand asked the competitors to title the non-title personality in a Shakespearean tragedy with basically the most speeches.

Jennings accurately answered, “Who’s Iago?” But he wager none of his aspects. That left an opening for Holzhauer to gain the match if he wager all of his aspects and obtained it honest. He wager all of his aspects, however answered, “Who’s Horatio?”

On the cease, Hozhauer and Rutter hoisted Jennings on their shoulders in honor. The losers every took residence $250,000.

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