5 лучших песен недели от Halsey до BTS


It used to be a busy conclude of the week in the song world: Eminem shock-dropped a 20-word album, and the head of the Recording Academy used to beremoved fromher post like minded 10 days out from the 2020 Grammy Awards. This week, we’re being attentive toMac Miller‘s considerate posthumous albumCircles, Halsey’sManic, BTS’ first single off their February album, Soccer Mommy’s “Circle the Drain” and King Krule’s “(Don’t Let the Dragon) Draag On.”

“Shadowy Swan,” BTS

There are two ways to listen to K-pop: passively devour the song on its ground price — which may be very stress-free, to make obvious that — or dig deep into the universe that the artists and their teams believe crafted, usually a maze of related narratives that mix visuals with song lyrics and sound. BTS rewards the latter form of attention in spades; their level of curiosity on part is one part of the community’s capacity to amass this form of passionate following. “Shadowy Swan,” the dear single off of the 7-member community’s upcomingPlot of the Soul: 7project, involves us in two forms. One is an ethereal R&B song. The opposite is a song video that comprises a community of coed dancers from MN Dance Firm, in lieu of the community’s members themselves, performing contemporary choreography over an instrumental-first version of the song. It kicks off with an epigraph from the dancer and choreographer Martha Graham: “A dancer dies twice — once after they end dancing, and this first demise is the extra painful.” BTS’ desire in this portion to precise their passion for their artwork and its impact on their lives has by no means been extra evident. One among the short English phrases that pops up in the lyrics is in particular lawful: “Enact you hear me?” And we attain.

“3am,” Halsey

Since her precocious 2015 debut with the moroseBadlands, Halsey has made it certain she’s blissful making an strive out unique kinds at any time when she releases unique song. Happily for her, she’s no longer like minded a pop star; rock sounds like minded on her, too. “3am,” off her mettlesome unique albumManic, proves it. She airs out her self-unfavorable inclinations with certain-eyed angst. “I realize it’s sophisticated / ‘Reason every person that I’ve dated says they abominate it,” she sings. It may perchance well well also appear to echo thehit single from Avril Lavigne, but it absolutely’s moderately various right here: this time, it’s the singer herself admitting that she may perchance perchance well well be the problem.

“Hand Me Downs,” Mac Miller

It’s exhausting to listen to something esteem Mac Miller’s beautiful “Hand Me Downs,” offhis posthumous album, and no longer in actuality feel both profoundly sad for the loss and appreciative for what he left on the support of. His songs tenderly bridge sophisticated subjects with warmth, beautiful melody. It’s a reward by which his listeners may perchance perchance well well also accumulate some solace.

“Circle the Drain,” Soccer Mommy

Don’t be fooled by her youthful-sounding command and melodies that lean in the direction of satisfied, sun-soaked pop: budding indie-rock star Soccer Mommy doesn’t provide a assert of joy and optimism on “Circle the Drain,” off her upcoming sophomore albumColoration Belief. Here’s what may perchance perchance well well occur if Sheryl Crow went darkish; acoustic Nashville rock that, while you occur to pay closer attention, turns out to be like minded wanting nihilistic. “Hello, I’ve been falling apart on the present time,” she sings, breathy and advise. It’s the identical deadpan simplicity that nabbed her attention alongside with her first project, and it brings enormous promise for what’s on the strategy.

“(Don’t Let the Dragon) Draag On,” King Krule

King Kruleis extra a temper than anything, a feeling of oozing jazz. (It’s lawful, then, that his 2017 project used to be titledThe Ooz.) Archy Marshall has a knack for locating something gooey and velvety in sonic darkness. The often digicam-scared British artist finds unique levels of blurry, helpless disappointment in “”(Don’t Let the Dragon) Draag On:” “Walls catch taller / Self-medicate / ‘And the arrangement in which did you catch this low?’ / That’s what the illness spoke.” Here’s the begin of an album on the strategy, and it sounds esteem King Krule is quiet very noteworthy struggling with his demons.

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