Предупреждение о погоде во Флориде предупреждает о «падающих игуанах»


(MIAMI) — The Nationwide Weather Service routinely warns of us about falling rain, snow and hail, but temperatures are shedding so low in South Florida the forecasters warned residents Tuesday aboutfalling iguanas.

“This isn’t something we typically forecast, but don’t be very much shocked when you gaze Iguanas falling from the timber tonight as lows drop into the 30s and 40s. Brrrr!” NWS Miamitweeted. The low temperatures stun the invasive reptiles, however the iguanas won’t basically die. That design many will wake up as temperatures upward thrust Wednesday.

Iguanas aren’t unhealthy or aggressive to individuals, but they difficulty seawalls, sidewalks, landscape foliage and might maybe maybe per chance dig prolonged tunnels. The males can develop to at the very least 5 toes (1.5 meters) long and weigh almost 20 pounds (9 kilograms). Female iguanas can lay almost 80 eggs a one year, and South Florida’s warm native weather is supreme for the prehistoric-taking a stare animals. Iguanas are native to Central The US, tropical aspects of South The US and some Caribbean islands.

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Iguanas are allowed to be kept as pets in Florida but are no longer salvage by any legislation excluding anti-cruelty to animals. They’ve been in South Florida for the rationale that 1960s, but their numbers own elevated dramatically in recent times.

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