Спор о судах приквелов Голодных игр по поводу выбора главного героя thumbnail

Спор о судах приквелов Голодных игр по поводу выбора главного героя


Readers contain been expecting Suzanne Collins’sprequel to theStarvation Gamestrilogysince 2019, when the creator announced her plans to revisit the dystopic world in a brand new e book.

A newexcerptof the upcoming original, namedThe Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, reveals the prequel will heart, as a minimum in fragment, on a young model Coriolanus Snow. To followers of the books (and movies) that name rings a bell: Snow is the villainous and authoritarian chief of Panem presented inThe Starvation Games, which takes set about 64 years after the events of the prequel.

The excerpt, published inEntertainment Weeklyon Tuesday, finds a young Snow as a top student at a college called the Academy on the morning of the reaping (the lottery-model choice course of in which the Games’ “tributes” are chosen) for the 10th Starvation Games. Treasure inThe Starvation Games, the story begins as two teens between the ages of 12 and 18 are chosen from every of Panem’s twelve districts to wrestle to the death for the nation’s entertainment. Panem holds the Starvation Games annually as retribution for a wartime period identified because the Darkish Days, when the districts rebelled towards the Capitol.

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But because the prequel reveals, ten years into the Starvation Games, the organizers of the brutal competitors contain chanced on that audience engagement is low — in all probability because searching at teenagers abolish every other in an ragged amphitheater will not be any longer that engaging. So to carry viewership of the Games, Snow and twenty-three other college students from the Academy contain been tapped as mentors to the tributes to abet them have the competitors “evolve loyal into a more meaningful journey.” It’s a no longer dissimilar — and thus, all of the more chilling — parallel to the ways whereby long-working actuality TV presentations switch up their draw to withhold viewers’ interest; it’s “leaping the shark” besides this time the sharks are designed to execute you.

Snow’s assignment finally ends up being a lady from District 12, particularly the identical district thatStarvation Gamesprotagonist and hero Katniss Everdeen will draw from plenty of decades later. Whether this tribute survives the Games, as Katniss did (twice, technically), stays to be considered.

The desire to focal level on Snow drew some immediate backlash, as followers on-line criticized Collins’s apparent strive to rehumanize a character already smartly-established as a unpleasant man. Starting set stories about villains contain drawn more controversy no longer too long within the past, as critics count on whether it’s needed to tag why other folks change into unfriendly (sight, for instance, final year’sJokermovie) and, in mutter, to form so in a technique that provides in all probability justification for their actions retroactively.

Some followers mentioned they had been disappointed by Collins’s choice to heart on Snow, in particular because she has presented so many other compelling characters within theStarvation Gamesuniverse.

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