США отказывают в выдаче жене дипломата, обвиняемой в убийстве британского подростка Гарри Данна


Citing diplomatic immunity, the U.S. formally refused a search data from from the British govt Thursday to extraditeAnne Sacoolas, an American citizen and wife of a U.S. diplomat, who’s accused of causing the death of British child Harry Dunn by unsafe driving in August, 2019.

Dunn used to be killedwhen the auto Sacoolas used to be driving on the irascible aspect of the motorway struck his motorcycle shut to a execrable ragged by the U.S. Air Power in Croughton, U.K.

Sacoolasleft the U.K.after being questioned by police, citing diplomatic immunity. Dunn’s family has since mounted a campaign to luxuriate in her extradited to face charges.

Asserting that Sacoolas would no longer be extradited, the Notify Department stated granting the search data from “would render the invocation of diplomatic immunity a functional nullity and would region an extraordinarily troubling precedent.”

“The USA has a ancient previous of shut law enforcement cooperation with the UK, and we charge that relationship,” a Notify Department spokesperson stated,in step with NPR. “The USA govt all over again expresses its staunch condolences and sympathy to the Dunn family for the loss of their son.”

Radd Seiger, the Dunn family spokesperson, stated Thursday on BBC Radio 4 that “ancient previous used to be made” by the resolution. “It is the first time the U.S. has became down a U.K. extradition search data from. It is one of many darkest days within the ancient previous of this special relationship,” he stated, going on to request a gathering with Top Minister Boris Johnson.

The dispute threatens to beginning a rift between the U.S. and Britain before talks on a post-Brexit seen as wanted by the British govt.

U.K. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab condemned the U.S.’s resolution. “We in actuality feel this amounts to a denial of justice, and we think Anne Sacoolas also can restful return to the U.K.,” he stated in a statement, adding he had conveyed his disappointment to the U.S. Ambassador, Woody Johnson. “We are in actuality urgently angry about our solutions. I also explained that the U.K. would luxuriate in acted another way if this had been a U.K. diplomat serving within the U.S.”

Sacoolas stated by her attorneys earlier this month that she has no arrangement to return to the U.K. “This used to be an accident, and a prison prosecution with a skill penalty of 14 years imprisonment is merely no longer a proportionate response,” her licensed professional Amy Jeffress stated.

President has Trump beforehand defended Sacoolas, blaming the U.K.’s arrangement of driving on the left hand aspect of the motorway for the collision. “It happens in Europe, because the roads are opposite. It’s mighty while you happen to’re from the United States. You operate have that staunch flip ought to you are speculated to have a left flip; the roads are opposite. She says that’s what took place. That happens to a form of of us, by the skill.” (Most international locations in Europe, now not like Britain, pressure on the staunch hand aspect of the motorway.)

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