В новаторском эксперименте астронавты испекли печенье в космосе. Но как они на вкус?


(CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.) — The effects are at final in for the first chocolate chip cookie bake-off in home. Whereas taking a sight more or less commonplace, the most efficient cookies required two hours of baking time final month up on the Global Space Location. It takes some distance less time on Earth, underneath 20 minutes.

And the map in which accomplish they taste? No one is conscious of.

Aloof sealed in individual baking pouches and packed of their spaceflight container, the cookies live frozen in a Houston-self-discipline lab after splashing down two weeks ago in a SpaceX capsule. They were the first food baked in home from uncooked ingredients. The makers of the oven anticipated a distinction in baking time in home, but now not that huge.

“There’s aloof a lot to sight into to resolve out in fact what’s using that distinction, but positively a fab result,” Mary Murphy, a supervisor for Texas-basically based Nanoracks, acknowledged this week. “General, I feel it’s a fine awesome first experiment.”

Positioned shut to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Nanoracks designed and built the shrimp electrical test oven that used to be launched to the home living final November. 5 frozen uncooked cookies were already up there.

Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano used to be the master baker in December, radioing down a high level conception as he baked them one after the opposite within the prototype Zero G Oven.

The first cookie — within the oven for 25 minutes at 300 levels Fahrenheit (149 levels Celsius) — ended up seriously underneath-baked. He more than doubled the baking time for the next two, and the outcomes were aloof so-so. The fourth cookie stayed within the oven for 2 hours, and at final success.

“So this time, I accomplish gaze some browning,” Parmitano radioed. “I’m able to’t pronounce you whether or now not it’s cooked the entire manner or now not, nonetheless it completely doesn’t sight adore cookie dough any longer.”

Parmitano cranked the oven as much as its most 325 levels F (163 levels C) for the fifth cookie and baked it for 130 minutes. He reported more success.

Extra sorting out is required to resolve whether or now not the three returned cookies are safe to use.

As for aroma, the astronauts might seemingly well per chance smell the cookies when they eradicated them from the oven, with the exception of for the first.

That’s the unbelievable thing about baking in home, consistent with weak NASA astronaut Mike Massimino. He now teaches at Columbia University and is a paid spokesman for DoubleTree by Hilton. The resort chain equipped the cookie dough, the comparable form veteran for cookies equipped to resort web site visitors. It’s offering considered one of many home-baked cookies to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum for show.

“The reminder of dwelling, the connection with dwelling, I feel, can’t be overstated,” Massimino acknowledged. “From my deepest expertise … food is fine major for now not enticing weight reduction program but also for morale in keeping other folks connected to their dwelling and their Earth.” Eating something various than dehydrated or prepackaged food shall be in particular major as astronauts head relief to the moon and on to Mars.

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Nanoracks and Zero G Kitchen, a New York City startup that collaborated with the experiment, are brooding about more experiments for the orbiting oven and seemingly more home dwelling equipment. What’s in orbit now are truly food warmers.

There’s an added bonus of getting freshly baked cookies in home.

“We made home cookies and milk for Santa this year,” NASA astronaut Christina Koch tweeted.

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