5 лучших песен недели: от дожи-кошки до розалии


TheBirds of Preysoundtrack continues to reward us with a wealth of unique song, love Doja Cat’s unimpeachably catchy “Boss B-tch.”Rosalíagoes motivate to her flamenco style with the haunting “Juro Que.” Pop singer-songwriter L Devine flirts with the edges of punk on “Dreary Of us.” The Shadowboxers repeat what three vocalists and a few throwback funk-R&B can carry out. And Netflix releases the viral medieval ballad (sure, in fact) “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” fromThe Witcher, ending the circle of the repeat’spop tradition takeover.

“Boss B-tch,” Doja Cat

Doja Cat is rarely any stranger to a catchy beat: her early viral hit “Mooo!” proved the power of a memorable gimmick, and this tumble’s albumHot Pinkbecame once elephantine of hasty, meme-ready tracks. The unique “Boss B-tch” will be her handiest yet. Released as share of the upcomingBirds of Preymovie soundtrack, it’s the final self perception-boosting banger. Doja Cat brings attitude to spare over a instant-paced membership beat that doesn’t let up for an instantaneous. It will also merely become your subsequent commonexercise tuneor pump-up be conscious. “I put on the hat and I put on the pants / I am evolved, so I gain advance” might perchance possibly now not be essentially the most advanced of lyrics, on the replacement hand it absolutely does the trick.

“Juro Que,” Rosalía

“Juro Que” from Spanish pop artist Rosalía sees the talented singer returning to the style that made her a drive to be reckoned with from the outset: her contemporary interpretation of flamenco. The main single off her subsequent undertaking, “Juro Que” is acoustic and piquant, merely Spanish guitar, hand claps, the echo of supportive spectators and Rosalía’s crystalline trill. She is as noteworthy a visual and story artist as a sonic one, so it’s precious to experience the tune alongside the song video, which tells the story of a girl pining for her imprisoned lover as she doubles down on her commitment to their romance. (“Juro que” interprets to “I enlighten that”; she’s promising to now not sleep for him.) Rosalía is up for a Grammy forOnly Unique Artistthis weekend and can contain to mute be performing at thebeleaguered repeat, which would possibly contain to mute relieve from the contemporary ability and storytelling she brings to the desk.

“Dreary Of us,” L Devine

L Devine is an English singer-songwriter with a punk sensibility that interprets into brooding, catchy pop — love on the 2nd earworm “Dreary Of us.” “I got my sh-t together, I read the records. But I’m faking, no clue,” she deadpans. Something about her blasé offer of exhausting truths hits love a gut punch. Devine got her initiating as a kid with a punk band sooner than evolving towards the pop-leaning relate she occupies this day; she’s all of 22, but her songwriting and performance agree with an world-weariness that suggests exhausting-earned recordsdata successfully previous her years.

“Obtained’t Ever Mumble Goodbye,” The Shadowboxers

There’s something reassuring about the retro funk-R&B of The Shadowboxers, a trio of artists who experience barbershop harmonies and tender-talking lyricism. “Obtained’t Ever Mumble Goodbye” is nice as a first kiss and warmth as a hug. The falsettos cruise, the melody bounces with joyous craving and the total package feels familiar, love a tune you’ve forgotten but are joyful to rediscover. The Shadowboxers started as a backing band for the Indigo Girls and toured with Justin Timberlake as his opening act; their subsequent self-produced undertaking guarantees more song that finds the sweet plight between throwback influences and as a lot as date songwriting.

“Toss a Coin to Your Witcher,” Giona Ostinelli & Sonya Belousova

What to make of “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher,” a tune gentle for the Henry Cavill-starring Netflix chronicle repeatThe Witcher, sung in for sure one of the valuable first episodes by a touring bard to hail the greatness of the titular character, became into a viral shaggy dog story by critics and followers who abruptly devoured the sequence, and now — at prolonged final — launched into the arena within the make of an accurate streaming tune? Technically, it’s miles a “medieval ballad,” as a press liberate notes; it starts with the tender strumming of a lute and actor Joey Batey’s poetic recitations of an stumble upon with fallacious guys and the namesake Witcher’s battle prowess. It builds to an correctly cinematic orchestral climax; Geralt of Rivia’s story is nothing if now not melodramatic. But the tune is moreover the final instance of how the in finding can latch onto something rather vague and change into it into a central share of pop tradition.The Witcherbecame once first a Polish chronicle unique, became into a success online sport, now a repeat, and — in this unique iteration — a vehicle for song. In 2020, that ability to exist all the way thru all platforms is referring to the most reasonable switch a portion of mental property could make.

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