Индия празднует 70-ю годовщину конституции с парадом в честь Дня Республики


(NEW DELHI) — Thousands of Indians converged on a ceremonial boulevard in the capital amid tight security to celebrate the Republic Day on Sunday, which marks the 1950 anniversary of the nation’s democratic structure.

Throughout the celebrations, schoolchildren, folks dancers, and police and protection force battalions marched through Original Delhi’s parade route, followed by a protection force hardware conceal.

Past the inform of protection force energy, the parade additionally incorporated ornate floats highlighting India’s cultural diversity as men, ladies folks and youth in colourful dresses carried out primitive dances, drawing applause from the spectators.

The 90-minute occasion, broadcast live, used to be watched by millions of Indians on their television sets across the nation.

Brazilian President Jair Messias Bolsonaro used to be the executive guest for this year’s celebrations.

He used to be accorded the ceremonial Guard of Honor by President Ram Nath Kovind and High Minister Narendra Modi at Rashtrapati Bhawan, the sprawling presidential palace.

Bolsonaro joined the 2 Indian leaders as the protection force parade marched through a central avenue with reference to the Presidential Palace.

At the parade, Bolsonaro watched keenly as mechanized columns of Indian tanks, rocket launchers, locally made nuclear-capable missile systems and other hardware rolled down the parade route and air force jets sped by overhead.

Other than attending the Republic Day celebrations, Bolsonaro’s search recommendation from used to be additionally aimed at strengthening commerce and investment ties across a vary of fields between the 2 countries.

On Saturday, Modi and Bolsonaro reached an agreement to promote investment in every other’s nation.

Sooner than the parade, Modi paid homage to fallen infantrymen on the newly built National Battle Memorial in Original Delhi as the national capital used to be place below tight security conceal.

Smaller parades comprise been additionally held in the mutter capitals.

Police talked about 5 grenades comprise been lobbed in the japanese Assam mutter by separatist militants who comprise automatically boycotted the Republic Day celebrations. No one used to be injured, police talked about.

Sunday’s blasts additionally reach at a time when Assam has been witnessing continuous protests against the unique citizenship law that comprise unfold to many Indian states.

The law popular in December affords a handy e-book a rough-song to naturalization for persecuted non secular minorities from some neighboring Islamic countries, however excludes Muslims.

Nationwide protests comprise brought tens of thousands of people from a host of faiths and backgrounds together, in phase since the law is considered by critics as phase of the next threat to the secular cloth of Indian society.


Associated Press author Wasbir Hussain contributed to this portray.

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