Президент Трамп спрашивает, как долго Украина сможет противостоять российской агрессии в новых записях


(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump inquired how long Ukraine can procure a scheme to face up to Russian aggression without U.S. aid all by a 2018 assembly with donors that incorporated the indicted mates of his personal authorized educated Rudy Giuliani.

“How long would they remaining in a fight with Russia?” Trump is heard asking within the audio share of a video recording, moments sooner than he calls for the firing of U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. She used to be removed a year later after a campaign to discredit her by Giuliani and others, an circulation that is half of Democrats’ case arguing for the removal of the president in his Senate impeachment trial.

A video recording of the entire 80-minute dinner at the Trump Resort in Washington used to be received Saturday by TheLinked Press. Excerpts were first published Friday by ABC Records. Other folks will most seemingly be viewed in finest some portions of the recording.

The recording contradicts the president’s statements that he did no longer know the Giuliani mates Lev Parnas or Igor Fruman, key figures within the investigation who were indicted remaining year on campaign finance prices. The recording came to mild as Democrats persevered to press for witnesses and other proof to be conception of all by the impeachment trial.

On the recording, a explain that looks Parnas’ will most seemingly be heard saying, “The finest declare there, I reflect where we would actually like to open up is we received to procure rid of the ambassador.” He later will most seemingly be heard telling Trump: “She’s most continuously strolling around telling all americans, ‘Wait, he’s gonna procure impeached. Correct wait.’”

Trump responds: “Acquire rid of her! Acquire her out the following day. I don’t care. Acquire her out the following day. Bewitch her out. OK? Enact it.”

Ukraine came up all by the dinner within the context of a dialogue of energy markets, with the explain acting to be Parnas’ describing his involvement within the gain of a Ukrainian energy company.

The group then praises Secretary of Utter Mike Pompeo, to which the president says: “Pompeo’s going to be honest. He’s doing a honest job. Already he’s doing a honest job.”

In the beginning of the video, Trump is viewed posing for photos sooner than entering the blue-walled dining room. A explain that looks Fruman’s is heard saying that “it’s a immense room” sooner than a snicker. “I couldn’t take into consideration myself.”

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