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In 2014, Jenny Han presented the sector to Lara Jean, a Korean-American youngster with a penchant for writing cherish letters, with her newsletter ofTo The total Boys I’ve Appreciated Sooner than. The e-book, the first in a trilogy, follows Lara Jean as she navigates friendship, sisterhood and heartbreak through high college. Four years after its arrival on the literary scene,Netflix adapted the e-book for movie, with Lana Condor and Noah Centineo in starring roles, and it became a breakout sensation.

Now, the variation of the e-book’s sequelP.S. I Soundless Savor Yourevisits the loved characters and welcomes a recent cherish hobby for Lara Jean (played by Jordan Fisher). Jenny Han spoke to TIME regarding the movie adaptation of her trilogy, the vitality of romantic comedies and her finest cherish recommendation.

P.S. I Soundless Savor Youpicks up the build the previous e-book left off. Your predominant persona, Lara Jean, has a boyfriend, nonetheless now finds herself feeling terrorized. How enact you receive into the mindset of a teenager?

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I after all don’t plot it any differently than after I’m writing for adults. It’s all moral a human abilities–and you would possibly well perchance also after all feel terrorized about your relationship and be focused on his previous girlfriends within the occasion you’re 40 years historical. It’s drawing come those “teenage” emotions with the a similar appreciate and seriousness as you would possibly well perchance for an adult cherish story.

There are a huge range of firsts inP.S. I Soundless Savor You. First boyfriends, first dates. What’s a memorable first for you?

The total lot went scandalous on the evening of my first dance. I became 15 or 16, and my date purchased true into a automobile accident on the model. After, he became shaken up, so he drove after all slowly. He parked after all a ways-off from the dance and it became raining so tough. We walked your total manner up to the faculty, and a low-hanging division knocked me within the head. I after all accept as true with pictures of myself from that evening and I after all accept as true with a ticket on my forehead. Oh, and after we purchased to varsity, he realized he left the tickets within the automobile.

Romantic comedies are having a comeback, nonetheless they had been prolonged criticized for perpetuating stereotypes. How enact you address those concerns?

Despite the proven truth that we gaze Lara Jean’s interior most improve, she’s quiet who she is from the foundation to the pause. Being in a relationship or meeting a man, those weren’t the things that changed her. It became extra of her opening up and having her world receive a tiny bigger. It became essential for me to gaze that illustration of no longer altering your total self moral to be with any individual.

Lana Condor, an Asian-American actor, plays the lead. The build enact you continue to gaze a necessity for development in illustration within the flicks?

I’d like to listen to from of us we haven’t heard from sooner than. I am hoping that’s the build here’s going, and that the illustration will moral receive wider. Now not moral with rush, nonetheless with dimension and sexuality. There’s so grand extra to explore.

What became your high college abilities cherish?

I had a terribly gigantic time in high college. I went to a magnet college. Within the occasion you had been chilly, you had been quiet cherish a nerd. And it became a terribly various college. So I felt cherish going into it, I moral realized so grand about other cultures that I never would accept as true with known about if I had stayed in my traditional college.

How enact you command social media to succeed for your readers, and what are those interactions cherish?

I after all feel very shut to them and vexed for them. It’s tough customarily to even read some of their questions on narrative of I after all feel petrified for them. There are such a extensive amount of tough aspects of being on social media, nonetheless considered one of the essential after all obvious ones is that you just would possibly well perchance also merely accept as true with a straight away line to discuss over along with your readers and fasten, and to me, storytelling is all about connecting with of us.

Finish a huge range of formative years device to you for cherish recommendation?

Yes, and no longer moral formative years–even of us in their 30s. I cherish giving recommendation. I’m moral cautious on narrative of I don’t want to present the scandalous recommendation. I try to be correct and no longer repeat of us moral what they want to listen to, nonetheless what I feel is nice. Various their questions are cherish, “Am I abnormal?”

How enact you reply that?

I deliver no! I deliver: You’re no longer abnormal. The total lot you’re doing is moral glorious. And don’t after all feel strain to enact one thing within the occasion you’re no longer quite animated for it yet, or within the occasion you haven’t met that glorious person. It’s all for your indulge in time.

This appears to be like within the February 10, 2020 be troubled of TIME.

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