На фото нацистского лагеря смерти в Собиборе можно увидеть Джона Демьянюка, говорят историки


(BERLIN) — Historians dangle offered a series of photos saved by the deputy commander of the Nazis’ Sobibor demise camp that they insist appears to incorporate images of John Demjanjuk, the retired Ohio auto employee who turned into tried in Germany for his alleged time as a Sobibor guard.

The series unveiled Tuesday at Berlin’s Topography of Fright museum contains 361 photos moreover written documents illustrating Johann Niemann’s profession. Niemann turned into the deputy commander of Sobibor from September 1942 unless he turned into killed on Oct. 14, 1943, in an uprising by Jewish inmates.

Unlike in a couple of different cases, the photos weren’t destroyed after World Battle II in misfortune of correct lawsuits, they usually remained within the possession of Niemann’s family. The series is being handed over to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Experts insist the series enhances historians’ knowledge of what Sobibor seemed love. To this level, they knew of excellent two photos taken of the camp while it existed. The Niemann series adds one other 49.

Anne Lepper, whose grandparents had been murdered on arrival at Sobibor from the Netherlands in 1943, mentioned it turned into “very audacious” of Niemann’s descendants to unlock the photos. She mentioned it turned into “a breathtaking expertise” to stare the footage after regularly having seen the position.

The series could seemingly additionally shed extra light on Demjanjuk, who turned into convicted in 2011 as an adjunct to murder on allegations he served as a Sobibor guard. Demjanjuk persistently denied the accusations and died in 2012 earlier than his allure in opposition to the ruling by a Munich court could seemingly seemingly be heard, making the verdict not legally binding.

Two photos within the series could seemingly depict a young Iwan Demjanjuk, as he turned into identified earlier than anglicizing his name to John, among other feeble prisoners of conflict who had been trained at an SS camp and had been deployed at Sobibor, based fully fully on historians. Within the event that they abolish, they are going to be the foremost to expose that he turned into on the camp.

Martin Cueppers, a Holocaust historian on the University of Stuttgart, mentioned researchers concluded that Demjanjuk is “doubtlessly” depicted in on the least one case collectively with the prison police put of job in Germany’s Baden-Wuerttemberg bid, whose biometric division agreed to gaze the historic photos.

However Demjanjuk’s son, John Demjanjuk Jr., mentioned of the newly unveiled photos that “it’s a baseless realizing to impart they expose anything at all relating to my father.”

The series as a entire is “of foremost historic value” relating to the Holocaust and Sobibor, he mentioned in an announcement emailed to The Associated Press. However “the photos should always not proof of my father being in Sobibor and also can exculpate him once forensically examined.”

The Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk turned into a Soviet Red Military soldier captured by the Germans in Crimea in 1942. He turned into accused of agreeing to wait on as a “Wachmann,” or guard, the lowest rank of the “Hilfswillige,” feeble POWs who had been subordinate to German SS males, and practising in a camp identified as Trawniki.

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The Munich court mentioned the proof confirmed he turned into a bit of the Nazis’ “machinery of destruction” and served in Sobibor from March 27, 1943, unless mid-September that year.

Integral to the prosecution’s case turned into an SS identification card that allegedly reveals a listing of a young Demjanjuk and indicates he trained on the SS Trawniki camp and turned into posted to Sobibor.

Even though court specialists mentioned the card appears exact, Demjanjuk’s defense attorneys argued it turned into a groundless produced by the Soviet KGB.

The prosecution additionally produced proof including switch lists indicating a guard named Demjanjuk with the identical Trawniki quantity turned into despatched to wait on in Sobibor and in diversified areas, but there turned into never photographic proof he turned into there.

Between March 1942 and October 1943, about 167,000 folk had been killed at Sobibor, shut to all Jews, based fully fully on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Following the 1943 uprising, the Nazi guards shot the supreme prisoners and razed the camp in occupied Poland.

Demjanjuk persistently maintained he turned into a victim of the Nazis, first wounded as a Soviet soldier after which captured and held as a prisoner of conflict below brutal stipulations earlier than becoming a member of the Vlasov Military, a power of anti-communist Soviet POWs and others shaped to fight with the Germans in opposition to the Soviets within the conflict’s final months.

If the newly surfaced photos prove to not listing Demjanjuk, it wouldn’t be the foremost time his identification has been unsuitable.

Within the 1980s, Demjanjuk stood trial in Israel after he turned into accused of being the notoriously brutal guard “Ivan the Abominable” on the Treblinka extermination camp. After Treblinka survivors identified him as their tormentor, he turned into convicted and sentenced to demise — but then freed when an Israeli court overturned the ruling, announcing the proof confirmed he turned into the victim of unsuitable identification.


David Rising in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, contributed to this document.

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