30 потомков вымерших видов черепах, найденных на Галапагосских островах


(QUITO, Ecuador) — Conservationists working all the blueprint during the ideal volcano on the Galapagos Islands pronounce they’ve came all the blueprint through 30 monumental tortoises partly descended from two extinct species, alongside side that of the renowned Lonesome George.

The Galapagos Nationwide Park and Galapagos Conservancy said Friday that a young female has a sigh line of descent from the Chelonoidis abingdonii species of Pinta Island. The closing of those tortoises became once Lonesome George, who died in June 2012 and became once believed to be over 100 years ragged.

One other 11 males and 18 females were from the Chelonoidis niger line of Floreana Island.

The 45-member expedition became once working all the blueprint during the Wolf Volcano on Isabela island. It said pirates and whalers had taken tortoises from diversified islands within the archipelago and left them near the volcano.

These came all the blueprint through all the blueprint during the brand new expedition were hybrids descended from each the extinct and diversified species.

The Galapagos, whose vary of endemic species helped encourage Charles Darwin, held 15 carefully associated species of tortoise, in accordance with the Conservancy, which estimates that 20,000–25,000 wild tortoises dwell on the islands nowadays. Now no longer decrease than four of the species for the time being are idea about extinct.

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