Arkansas city agrees to tests of evidence on executed inmat


An Arkansas city council has agreed to enable new assessments on fingerprint and DNA proof relating to to a person Arkansas done in 2017

February 1, 2020, 1: 38 AM

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JACKSONVILLE, Ark. — A central Arkansas city council voted Friday to enable new assessments on fingerprints and DNA proof relating to to the case of a person the instruct put to death in 2017.

The Jacksonville Metropolis Council voted to enable the assessments that Ledell Lee’s family contends might exonerate Lee of the 1993 slaying of Debra Reese.

Patricia Young, Lee’s sister, had sued town to enable the new assessments. Representing the family were the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Arkansas and the Innocence Accomplishing.

The groups acknowledged they view to receive the DNA proof tested at a nationally well-liked laboratory at Young’s expense and to upload the fingerprints to a national database.

Lee used to be the famous of 4 inmates Arkansas done in April 2017 sooner than its supply of a deadly injection drug expired. The instruct had firstly planned to enact eight inmates, nonetheless four were spared by court rulings.

The groups submitted affidavits from forensic experts questioning diverse proof that used to be ancient to convict Lee, including claims that partial shoe prints chanced on at the scene of Reese’s assassinate matched Lee’s shoe dimension.

Twenty-one death row inmates had been exonerated since the early 1990s thru DNA proof. If Lee is indirectly cleared, he’ll be the famous one that has been done to later be proven innocent with DNA and fingerprint proof, the Innocence Accomplishing acknowledged.

“This lawsuit used to be continually about discovering the fact, and we’re happy the Jacksonville Metropolis Council has made up our minds to attain the lawful thing nd enable this proof to be tested,” acknowledged Holly Dickson, appropriate director and interim executive director of the ACLU of Arkansas. “Whereas nothing can undo the injustice of Ledell Lee’s execution, tonight’s vote is is a positive and long-overdue step that will successfully title the precise perpetrator of the crime.”

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