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2020 Northern Mariana Islands caucuses results


Democrats hang 6 delegates and Republicans hang 9 delegates up for grabs.

March 14, 2020, 8: 00 AM

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The Northern Mariana Islands will obtain its Democratic caucuses on Saturday, March 14, where six delegates are at stake.

Precinct doorways will originate at 5 p.m. and the caucuses originate up at 6 p.m. native time.

The Republican convention will station the following day, on March 15, where nine delegates are up for grabs.

Territory significance

In 2016, mature Secretary of Divulge Hillary Clinton won the Democratic caucus with 54% percent, defeating Vermont Sen.Bernie Sanders‘ 34.4%.

On the Republican aspect, then-candidate President Donald Trump won the territory with 72.8%, defeating 2d-station challenger Texas Sen.Ted Cruz, who had 24%.

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