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Alex Salmond says there was 'no policy' stopping him working alone with women


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Alex Salmond has denied claims that feminine civil servants own been no longer allowed to work alone with him whereas he turn out to be Scotland’s first minister.

The inclined SNP chief turn out to be speaking as he gave proof from the survey box on the Excessive Court in Edinburgh.

His trial has heard that the civil provider took steps in 2014 to prevent him being left alone with females in his Bute Home quandary.

Nonetheless Mr Salmond insisted that “there turn out to be no policy” cherish that.

He also claimed that one of the allegations made against him own been “deliberate fabrications for a political reason” whereas others own been “exaggerations” of what had truly took quandary.

Mr Salmond denies 13 funds of sexual assault against 9 females.

The alleged offences are all said to own took quandary when he turn out to be serving as Scotland’s first minister.

Mr Salmond turn out to be cleared of a additional price of sexual assault against a 10th girl after it turn out to be dropped by the Crown when the prosecution case ended on Monday afternoon.

Giving proof in his hang defence on Tuesday morning, Mr Salmond said he had been surrounded by a orderly crew of civil servants when he turn out to be first minister.

He said the working atmosphere turn out to be very diverse to other areas of the civil provider as there turn out to be an “informality” and a “blurring of the fashioned social-knowledgeable boundaries”.

He said this turn out to be because it turn out to be a high-strain, 24/7 operation the build of us own been “living out of every other’s pockets”.

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Characterize caption Defence attorney Gordon Jackson QC is representing Mr Salmond

The court turn out to be instructed on Monday by civil servants Chis Birt and Michael McIlhenny that steps own been taken to prevent females having to work alone with the principle minister after two feminine colleagues complained about alleged incidents animated Mr Salmond.

Nonetheless Mr Birt said he didn’t say the policy turn out to be ever formally written down.

When asked by his attorney Gordon Jackson QC whether or no longer he had been attentive to this kind of policy, Mr Salmond answered: “No I turn out to be no longer. There turn out to be no policy cherish the one described.”

Mr Salmond says he is innocent of the entire allegations against him.

He has entered no longer responsible pleas to all 13 of the funds which he quiet faces, which consist of one price of attempted rape, one of sexual assault with intent to rape, 9 sexual assaults and two hideous assaults.

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