'This Week' Transcript 5-3-20: Mike Pompeo, Gov. Mike DeWine, Ronna McDaniel, Tom Perez

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MARTHA RADDATZ, “THIS WEEK” CO-ANCHOR: As step-by-step ability seems to be precisely what Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has prescribed for his issue and he joins us now.

Governor you were on the early side of closures and have now taken a phased ability at reopening, with manufacturing and building opening the following day and then retail the subsequent week. You’ve gotten had bigger than 19,000 instances of COVID, over 1,000 deaths, and have been in the downward curve it seems to be cherish for handiest about four or five days, nonetheless you’ve also had 1 million Ohioans file for unemployment. So converse me how you made the technique to reopen? The ability you balance that successfully being possibility versus economic possibility?

GOVERNOR MIKE DEWINE, (R-OH): Smartly we’re making an strive to compose it very carefully and,, we’re making an strive to compose things actual now. I told Ohioans Friday, I stated we are able to compose two things actual now. We can remain very, very cautious; assign the social distancing, wear masks when out in public. And what we had did is we put a industry crew together – in actuality a range of assorted industry teams to ticket at every industry sector and to return again with handiest practices.

So after we originate the following day in regard to a range of companies as well to issue of labor, it’s going to be essentially based fully upon in actuality handiest practices that were laid out by other folks in these companies who compose that. We’re going to plug forward on that with restaurants, (ph), in a week or so and that’s going to be by a crew that – of restaurant other folks tall and minute who’ve form of laid out right here’s the ability to compose it. So we’re balancing it. We’re going to preserve our detect on the numbers. We’ve had a rather flat – in actuality for approximately two weeks with (ph) hospitalizations and that we’ll (ph) with out a doubt going to continue to preserve an detect on that.

So it is a balancing thing. We obtained to bring the economic system again nonetheless we also wish to continue to present protection to other folks. And one of the most things I emphasize with Ohioans is it’s no longer so valuable my orders or the successfully being director’s orders, it is what we all compose in our particular particular person lives and the contrivance cautious we are. And we are able to continue to compose that and –

RADDATZ: Governor, let’s focus on that. You potentially did something that no longer too many politicians compose, you potentially did an about-face. You first launched that all people will be required to wear face masks when retail opened, and then you definately reversed yourself when some of your electorate stated it used to be offensive. Talk me by the pondering on that on tale of you were precise talking about face masks.

Gov. DEWINE: Face masks are predominant and our industry crew got right here again and stated every employee, for instance, can must wear a face masks. So we’re persevering with that, whether or no longer it’s retail or wholesale, whatever it is, manufacturing, every employee’s going to have the face masks. However it absolutely turned very certain to me after we put out the roar that all people in retail who walked actual into a retailer as a buyer would wish to compose that, it turned certain to me that that used to be precise a bridge too a long way. Other folks weren’t going to neutral receive the authorities telling them what to compose. And so we put out dozens and dozens of orders, that used to be one that it precise went too a long way. However at the same time we pulled that again, I stated ticket right here’s – I highly counsel it.

Right here’s, for many other folks, it’s – except you’ve a physical reason it is doubtless you’ll additionally’t wear the masks, and we realize that, nonetheless in the occasion you plug actual into a retail retailer, that is the kind thing to compose on tale of I fear and we can must all fear about the folk who are stocking shelves in grocery stores, the these that are – the check-out line who work there all day, and we obtained to are attempting and present protection to them. So, again, it’s what particular particular person Ohioans compose. They’ve been plentiful going by this. We flattened the curve. Other folks have stayed residence. They’ve kept their social distance. And we precise obtained to continue to compose that.

So my skill to consult with the folk of Ohio, frankly, I thought used to be going to be in actuality impeded and we would gain hung up on the predominant masks for any person transferring into as a buyer and it precise wasn’t going to work. And so that you obtained to grab what it is doubtless you’ll additionally compose and what it is doubtless you’ll additionally’t compose.

RADDATZ: And Governor the reaction to the coronavirus has in actuality created a form of partisan divide. A brand unique ABC News (inaudible) post shows that Democrats are more fascinated about contracting the virus whereas Republicans respondents will be more liable to gain out if and when the files trade. Republicans are twice as liable to exercise a restaurant, work-out at a gymnasium, and gain a haircut, and so that they were three times as liable to relief a wearing occasion, and 4 times as liable to assign in a resort. Why compose you instruct we now have that partisan divide?

Gov. DEWINE: I’m no longer in actuality certain. I’m no longer certain -, you’ve obtained these figures, I’ve no longer heard these figures earlier than. However I mediate in most cases Republicans are much less inclined to have the authorities converse them what to compose. And that’s in most cases how I’m. I’m a conservative Republican. I mediate we’re at an advantage no longer having the authorities converse us what to compose. However we are in a successfully being disaster and – nonetheless what we are making an strive to compose in Ohio is to plug from orders that we put out where we are asserting we now wish to shut this, we are now in a section where yeah we’ve obtained a pair of orders accessible nonetheless we’re starting in actuality magnificent aggressively to section industry again in.

And what it’s going to rely on now’s how particular particular person Ohioans react to this and if they continue, which I imagine they’re going to, to preserve the social distancing.

RADDATZ: Governor would you – I’m sorry to interrupt you. We precise have a pair of few seconds left right here –

Gov. DEWINE: OK, certain.

RADDATZ: – and I precise wish to ask you if you peep instances originate as a lot as spike will you return to closing things down?

Gov. DEWINE: We’re going to peep numbers each day. And we’re going to focus on these numbers to the folk of Ohio. That’s one of the most things we’ve completed. We compose a press conference nearly about on a typical basis and we are attempting and present them the files that we’re having a ticket at. So if we’re beginning to ticket these numbers, the folk of the issue are going to ticket these numbers and we’ll wish to select out action. However what I’m hoping is as other folks peep these numbers, if they compose plug up and if they plug up dramatically, that the folk of the issue will react to that.

We’re all – we assign asserting we’re all on this together and that’s the ability I ticket at it as a long way as my job as governor and the folk of the issue. I obtained to preserve them informed of what’s going on. I mediate they’ll compose the most inspiring thing as soon as they know the info.

RADDATZ: Thanks so valuable for becoming a member of us this morning Governor –

Gov. DEWINE: Thanks.

RADDATZ: – DeWine and handiest successfully being to all of you.

RADDATZ: And becoming a member of me now exclusively are Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel and Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez. And Chairwoman McDaniel, I wish to originate with you. We’re now six months from the election. The president no longer too long in the past predicted he would steal in a landslide. You were reportedly on a name when the president used to be equipped with worrisome polling files essentially essentially based fully on his facing of the coronavirus and the industrial disaster. Two polls last weeks chanced on the president trailing Biden in Pennsylvania and Florida. Are you eager that the pandemic threatens the president’s reelection message?

RONNA MCDANIEL, RNC CHAIR: You realize, I don’t in actuality rely on polling this a long way out, as, (Martha). The polling goes to fluctuate, and all people knows the polling at the novel time is rarely any longer going to be what we peep on November 3. And who knows that better than any one, Hillary Clinton, the polling used to be historically incorrect in the 2016 move.

What we now have considered consistently, though, is voters approve of the president’s facing of the economic system heading into this pandemic, and so that they survey that he’s going to be the leader to revive the economic system coming out of this. He did it as soon as with seven million unique jobs, file low unemployment, and so that they belief him because the leader who’s going to gain these jobs again and gain our economic system humming again as we design out of this disaster which he’s leading us by.

RADDATZ: You’ve gotten all these (inaudible) originate up for the chance that the an infection payment would possibly perchance perchance additionally lengthen. Obviously, the successfully being of American citizens is touching on, nonetheless what would that compose to President Trump’s reelection possibilities?

MCDANIEL: I mediate all people on this nation correct now’s rooting for the president and our leaders, our governors throughout the nation, to be profitable in stopping this virus. We want to get certain that the successfully being and security of the American other folks is before all the things, nonetheless we also wish to ticket our economic system originate opening up again and it’s that balancing act. And also you’ve considered this unprecedented partnership with the president and governors throughout the nation.

And that’s what we’re targeted on, and I mediate the American other folks survey what an spectacular leader he has been by this unprecedented disaster.

RADDATZ: Let me ask you. Used to be President Trump upset about these polling numbers that were equipped to him?

MCDANIEL: The president is often optimistic. He feels very correct about where he stands. He’s had file approval with the Republican Birthday celebration, you precise saw the Gallop Poll that’s extremely excessive, and you’re seeing these sturdy economic numbers. And we’ve considered Joe Biden hiding. He hasn’t been vetted. Other folks haven’t considered the 2020 version of Joe Biden who hasn’t – who’s shifted to this level left on a range of his insurance policies, and then this week we’ve considered him in actuality be challenged for the first time in five weeks on allegations that many in the media have unnoticed, and in the end, these are coming to light.

RADDATZ: Smartly, I know we right here at ABC don’t have any longer unnoticed and valuable of in the media don’t have any longer unnoticed it, nonetheless I wish to expose to those accusations. You put out an ad – an attack ad – against Joe Biden, nonetheless the president has also been accused of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual assault, by bigger than a dozen girls folk, and in a radio interview on Thursday, President Trump stated , “Whereas Tara Reade, the accuser, sounds credible, I would precise roar to Joe Biden, precise exit and fight it,” including, “I instruct in a technique, it is doubtless you’ll additionally roar I’m sticking up for him. ”

Is he sticking up for Joe Biden and the contrivance a long way will you plug alongside with (these attack commercials)?

MCDANIEL: I’m going to select out converse – I’m going to select out converse with the media ignoring this. It has been appalling, the hypocrisy, as to how Brett Kavanaugh used to be handled versus Joe Biden. Brett Kavanaugh, every accuser used to be put on TV. It used to be wall-to-wall coverage. They went into his excessive college One year e-book. They stated he wished an FBI investigation. Michael Avenatti used to be on TV accusing him of gang rape from an accuser who’d never even met Brett Kavanaugh. After which you plug to Joe Biden. 5 weeks of silence. Nineteen interviews with out a single inquire of. He won’t let other folks plug into his files in the University of Delaware. They’re calling on the DNC to compose the investigation.

It went from MeToo, MeToo, MeToo, to Pass on, Pass on, Pass on in a nanosecond on tale of he’s a democrat and the hypocrisy is appalling and it’s no longer precise from the democrats, it’s from the media, and I’ll converse you, I mediate any outlet that performed these 19 interviews and didn’t ask a single inquire of can must be disqualified from conducting any half of a presidential debate.

RADDATZ: So why did the president roar he used to be, in a technique, sticking up for him?

MCDANIEL: Because due path of and the presumption of innocence has no longer been the customary on this nation when it involves republicans and now democrats are embracing these authorized requirements that we made the cornerstone of our nation when it involves Joe Biden, nonetheless they threw it out the window when it got right here to Brett Kavanaugh, and so did the media. And the hypocrisy has been appalling, and we want to compose some self-reflection as to how Kavanaugh used to be handled versus how Biden is being handled correct now.

RADDATZ: OK. Thanks very valuable for becoming a member of us. So, let’s herald Tom Perez, and I wish to originate with Joe Biden did have days to arrange for his interview about Tara Reade. He denied the allegations and informed the national archives to launch any alleged complaints from Tara Reade. The archives stated they attach no longer seem to be to blame for files cherish that. Biden now says in a formal letter that he used to be fallacious, that it used to be at the archives, and asked the secretary of the Senate for motivate.

TOM PEREZ, DNC CHAIR: Joe Biden has been very certain, (Martha), that this didn’t happen. He used to be forceful in that, and he was equally certain that as soon as girls folk design forward with complaints of this nature, they would possibly be able to must be taken severely, their complaints can must analyze, they would possibly be able to must be handled with dignity, and he’s completed precisely that. He called for the Senate to launch any paperwork they have, she indicated that she filed a criticism. Joe Biden needs that criticism launched. He’s an originate e-book. He understands that it’s predominant for the figuring out to gain out. He would cherish for that files (inaudible) media.

RADDATZ: However Mr. Perez, I wish to – I wish to pause you correct there – Biden also says he is rarely any longer going to launch paperwork from his years in the Senate, now the University of Delaware on tale of they don’t have personnel subject, and can have brushed apart recommendations that a search be completed of precise Tara Reade’s name in these paperwork. The Recent York Instances editorial board called for the DNC to convene an honest, apolitical panel to examine portions of Biden’s papers asserting his phrase is insufficient to dispel the cloud. Your communications director has called that opinion, “absurd.” Why?

PEREZ: Smartly, listen. There’s been so many investigations of the vice-president. The most – the most total investigation of the vice-president used to be when he used to be vetted by Barack Obama in 2008. I’m very conscious of vice-presidential vetting path of. They ticket at all the things about you. They seemed at your complete historical past of Joe Biden, his complete occupation. And I’ll converse you, if Barack Obama had any indication that there used to be a controversy, Barack Obama shouldn’t have had him as his vice-president. Barack Obama depended on Joe Biden. I belief Joe Biden. And these investigations have been completed.

Now let’s focus on Delaware for a second. The University of Delaware and any university that takes any person’s paperwork, they’re taking their policy paperwork, they’re taking their speeches. They’re no longer taking their personnel files and, in fact …

RADDATZ: However why no longer precise search Tara Reade in these paperwork?

PEREZ: Right here’s cherish the Hillary emails. Because, there used to be nothing there and the rationale is, if I’m going – I work on the Senate’s Judiciary Committee in 1995, the ranking member used to be Joe Biden. I used to be working for Joe Biden. I used to be working for Senator Kennedy. In the occasion you would possibly perchance perchance cherish to ticket my personnel files, you don’t plug to the Kennedy Institute. That’s no longer where they plug, and so, in the occasion you ask the University of Delaware to examine out something, you’re asking them to ticket for something that doesn’t exist, and the truth of the subject is that the president of america, the historical president, Barack Obama, performed an exhaustive search. Joe Biden used to be an originate e-book.

RADDATZ: And that used to be 2008. I wish to plug on – I wish to plug on to the campaign and the contrivance you campaign. President Trump has stated he needs to exit and compose some big rallies over the subsequent few months. Will Joe Biden exit on the campaign move again?

PEREZ: We’re going to get certain we compose all the things in a safe and gleaming design. We now have modified our tactics. We now have been out in the self-discipline digitally. We now have our digital clipboards out. We won a predominant move no longer too long in the past in Wisconsin on tale of we out-hustled the different side. We now have been texting thousands and thousands of oldsters. We’ve been accessible digitally organizing. We’ve expert 7,000 digital organizers at the DNC in the last six weeks.

When the get 22 situation clears, we are able to be out, nonetheless we’re no longer going to position voters in damage’s ability. We won’t compose that unless it is acceptable to compose so, nonetheless for the time being, we are actively hiring, out battleground buildup continues, I’m so by this vice-president. This election, (Martha), is set belief. Who are you able to belief to dig us out of this mess? This president has been chronically inept at facing this coronavirus. We now have much less than five percent of the enviornment’s inhabitants. We now have one-third of the enviornment’s coronavirus instances and 25 percent of the enviornment’s deaths from coronavirus. His inattention, his ineptitude, he wants to be the commander in chief, no longer the Tweeter in chief. He wants to realize that the buck stops with him. And that’s what we’re going to focus on on this campaign, accountability, we’re going to focus on leadership.

RADDATZ: Mr. Perez, precise like a flash, compose you clean inquire of to preserve an in-particular person convention?

PEREZ: We compose, and we’re no longer going to position our public successfully being head in the sane, nonetheless I’m optimistic that we are able to compose so on tale of we’ve put it off for five weeks. We’re working with the full public successfully being consultants, issue, federal, native, and I’m by Milwaukee. I’m by Wisconsin. I’m by this election, and I’m by guaranteeing that Joe Biden has an opportunity to demonstrate what he’s stopping for. Right here’s an election about belief. Who are you able to belief to dig us out of this fallacious economic mess? Thirty million other other folks losing their jobs in the last six weeks in no minute measure thanks to the ineptitude of this president. Right here’s (inaudible) belief Joe Biden.

RADDATZ: OK, Mr. Perez, I’m going to pray to pause you there. OK Thanks very valuable for becoming a member of us this morning, Mr. Perez and ms. McDaniel.

PEREZ: Thanks so valuable.


QUESTION: Are you suggesting that perchance you’ve some proof that this used to be no longer a naturally going on virus?

TRUMP: You realize – ticket, every opinion, whether or no longer you had the opinion from the lab; you had the opinion from many different – the bats and the form of bat. We now have – there would possibly perchance be a range of theories. However, yeah, we now have other folks having a ticket at it very, very strongly.


RADDATZ: President Trump discussing an unsubstantiated opinion that the coronavirus outbreak started in a laboratory in Wuhan, China. This comes amid unique reports that U.S. intelligence now believes the Chinese authorities hid the severity of COVID-19 from the worldwide community in early January.

For more, let’s herald the secretary of issue, Mike Pompeo.

Correct morning, Mr. Secretary.

There are reports this morning – I wish to focus on North Korea first, earlier than we gain to China – that shots were fired from North Korea actual into a South Korean guard tower on the DMZ and that the South fired again after a warning . What are you able to converse us about that?

MIKE POMPEO, SECRETARY OF STATE: Smartly, Martha, thanks for having me on this morning.

I’ve considered that reporting, too. I’ve considered some of our interior files as successfully. We can verify at least the initial reports are that you’ve got got described are precise about correct, a handful of shots that got right here throughout from the North.

We mediate these are unintended. South Koreans did return fireside. To this level as we are able to converse, there used to be no loss of existence on either side.

RADDATZ: And we saw images of Kim Jong-un for the first time in three weeks, the president tweeting he used to be chuffed to ticket him “again and successfully.” However earlier than these images emerged, President Trump stated that he had a really correct opinion about Kim’s situation nonetheless would possibly perchance perchance additionally no longer focus on it at the time.

What compose you instruct Kim had been doing throughout this period, even missing that predominant celebration for his gradual grandfather?

POMPEO: Martha, there would possibly perchance be not any longer valuable that I will portion with you about what we knew about Chairman Kim’s actions throughout that time. We invent no longer know why he chose to omit that second. Everyone knows there have been other prolonged periods of time where Chairman Kim’s been out of public look for as successfully, so it be no longer unprecedented.

So there would possibly perchance be not any longer valuable I will portion with you rather then we have considered the same images from yesterday that the enviornment saw. It seems to be cherish Chairman Kim is alive and successfully.

Regardless of any of that, our mission has remained the same, to persuade the North Koreans to present up their nuclear weapons, to take a look at the same and to then compose a brighter future for the North Korean other folks. That’s been something President Trump’s been targeted on for the rationale that beginning of his time in issue of labor and something we’ll continue to work on.

RADDATZ: And – and I realize it is doubtless you’ll additionally’t portion valuable information about Chairman Kim, nonetheless used to be he ever, in your thought, gravely in melancholy health throughout this period?

POMPEO: Martha, I precise cannot roar anything else about that.

RADDATZ: Can – are you able to rule out that it used to be COVID or that there used to be a cardiovascular converse?

POMPEO: Martha, I cherish you persevering with to are attempting. I precise cannot give you anything else further right here this morning.

RADDATZ: OK. Thanks, on that.

I wish to expose to China, with intelligence officials, as we mentioned, asserting that the Chinese authorities deliberately hid the severity of COVID-19 from the worldwide community in early January, whereas it stockpiled scientific provides.

In phrases of global concealing, I assign you instruct they did that deliberately to preserve as many masks for themselves as doubtless. Will there be some form of retaliation?

POMPEO: Martha, you’ve obtained the info precise about correct. We can verify that the Chinese Communist Birthday celebration did all that it would possibly perchance perchance probably probably perchance additionally to get certain that the enviornment didn’t learn in a timely vogue about what used to be taking issue.

There would possibly perchance be hundreds proof of that. Just a few of it it is doubtless you’ll additionally peep in public, correct?

We now have considered announcements. We now have considered the truth that they kicked the journalists out. We saw the truth that contributors that were making an strive to chronicle on this, scientific examiners interior of China, were silenced. They shut down reporting – the full form of things that authoritarian regimes compose, the ability Communist events feature. Right here’s a classic Communist disinformation effort.

That created enormous possibility, and now it is doubtless you’ll additionally peep thousands and thousands of oldsters throughout the enviornment, tens of thousands in america, have been harmed.

President Trump has been very certain. We are going to preserve these to blame to blame, and we’ll compose so on a timeline that is our get.

RADDATZ: And – and as for the origins of COVID-19, the Place of business of the Director of National Intelligence launched an announcement this week asserting the virus did get in China, nonetheless has the same opinion with the massive scientific consensus that the COVID-19 virus used to be no longer man-made or genetically modified, the statement going on to convey that they’re going to continue to survey whether or no longer the outbreak started by contact with contaminated animals or if it used to be the tip outcomes of an accident in a laboratory in Wuhan.

Later, the president used to be asked if he had considered anything else that gave him excessive self assurance that the Wuhan lab used to be the origin of the virus. Let’s listen.


QUESTION: Enjoy you ever considered anything else at this level that affords you a excessive level of self assurance that the Wuhan Institute of Virology used to be the origin of this virus?

TRUMP: Yes, I in actuality have. Yes, I in actuality have.

QUESTION: What provides you a excessive level of self assurance that this originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

TRUMP: I cannot converse you that. I’m no longer allowed to converse you that.


RADDATZ: And, Mr. Secretary, have you ever considered anything else that affords you excessive self assurance that it originated in that Wuhan lab?

POMPEO: Martha, there would possibly perchance be enormous proof that that is where this started. We now have stated from the beginning that this used to be an epidemic that originated in Wuhan, China. We took a range of grief for that from the outset. However I mediate your complete world can peep now.

Remember, China has a historical past of infecting the enviornment, and so that they have a historical past of working lope laboratories. These are no longer the first times that we have had an global uncovered to viruses as a outcomes of failures in a Chinese lab.

And so, whereas the intelligence community continues to compose its work, they would possibly be able to must continue to compose that, and take a look at so as that we are definite, I will converse you that there would possibly perchance be a large quantity of proof that this got right here from that laboratory in Wuhan.

RADDATZ: Attain you instruct it used to be man-made or genetically modified?

POMPEO: Survey, the handiest consultants to this level seem to mediate it used to be man-made. I invent no longer have any reason to disbelieve that at this level.

RADDATZ: Your – your Place of business of the DNI says the consensus, the scientific consensus used to be no longer man-made or genetically modified.

POMPEO: That’s correct. I agree with t hat. Yeah. I’ve considered their diagnosis. I’ve considered the summary that you saw that used to be launched publicly. I invent no longer have any reason to doubt that that is honest …


RADDATZ: OK, so precise to make certain, you compose no longer mediate it used to be man-made or genetically modified?

POMPEO: I’ve considered what the intelligence community has stated. I invent no longer have any reason to imagine that they’ve obtained it defective.


POMPEO: Martha, you would possibly perchance must put this in context. Right here’s what – right here’s what’s predominant, Martha. Right here’s what’s predominant. The Chinese Communist Birthday celebration had the opportunity to pause the full calamity that has befallen the enviornment. And right here we uncover ourselves at the novel time – you and I were talking about we now don’t have any longer considered every other physically for a really very long time. That’s comely of oldsters all throughout the enviornment.

This – right here’s a immense disaster, created by the truth that the Chinese Communist Birthday celebration reverted to get, reverted to the sorts of disinformation, the sorts of concealment that authoritarian regimes. Had these scientists been working in The United States, they’d have put this out. There would have been an trade of tips. And we’d have like a flash identified the sorts of things that wished to be completed in response.

As an different, China behaved cherish authoritarian regimes compose, tried to veil and masks and confuse. It employed the World Smartly being Organization as a instrument to compose the same. These are the form of things that have now equipped this enormous disaster, a immense loss of existence and plentiful economic worth, all throughout the globe.

The Australians agree with that. You hear the Europeans beginning to convey the same thing. I mediate your complete world is united in figuring out that China introduced this virus to the enviornment.

RADDATZ: And – and, precise in a short time, if we are able to, Mr. Secretary, working out of time. Attain you instruct they deliberately launched that virus or it used to be an accident in the lab?

POMPEO: You realize, I invent no longer have anything else to convey about that. I mediate there would possibly perchance be quite a bit to grab. However I will roar this. We now have completed our handiest to are attempting and acknowledge all of these questions. We tried to gain a crew in there. The World Smartly being Organization tried to gain a crew in there. And so that they have failed. Nobody’s been allowed to plug to this lab or any of the different laboratories – there are a range of labs interior of China, Martha. This possibility remains.

Right here’s an ongoing converse. We clean wish to gain in there. We clean invent no longer have the virus samples we want. Right here’s an ongoing possibility, an ongoing pandemic. And the Chinese Communist Birthday celebration continues to dam access to the Western world, the enviornment’s handiest scientists, to determine precisely what came about.

So I cannot acknowledge your inquire of about that. Because the Chinese Communist Birthday celebration has refused to cooperate with world successfully being consultants.

RADDATZ: Thanks very valuable for becoming a member of us, Mr. Secretary. We cherish your time.

POMPEO: Thanks, Martha. You’ve gotten a plentiful day.

RADDATZ: Thanks.

POMPEO: Thanks, ma’am.

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