Поклонники K-Pop становятся неожиданным союзником протестующих Джорджа Флойда


(SEOUL, South Korea) — As American protesters took to the streets tomourn the death of George Floyd, they discovered an unexpected ally: Okay-pop followers.

Floyd died Could 25 after a police officer pressed his knee into his neck for quite a lot of minutes even after he stopped transferring. Okay-pop followers galvanized by police brutality and political disappointments fleet mobilized, re-purposing their frequent platforms and hashtags from boosting their favourite stars to backingthe Shaded Lives Matter crawl. They flooded accurate-flit hashtags and police apps with short video clips and memes of their Okay-pop stars.

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In a tweet Thursday to its 26 million followers, South Korean boy band BTS acknowledged it opposes racial discrimination and violence and introduced a $1 million donation to Shaded Lives Matter. Followers rapidly followed poke well with with the hashtag #MatchAMillion on Twitter, matching the donation after 24 hours in retaining with “One In An ARMY,” a world fundraising team made up of BTS followers.

Even so, political activism isn’t exactly linked to Okay-pop followers. Over time, Okay-pop followers have gained notoriety for overtaking Twitter trends and Instagram feeds. The loose network of followers mobilizes in a heartbeat — normally to promote unusual songs from their favourite Okay-pop artists or to set down their critics. That identical social media vitality is being repurposed to enhance the Shaded Lives Matter crawl, and BTS followers, diagnosed as ARMY, are on the forefront.

Chloë Gallot, a French university pupil, acknowledged she joined ARMY — Gorgeous Consultant M.C. for Early life — earlier this year when she “fell into the rabbit hole” while browsing for a distraction from the coronavirus outbreak and non-public troubles. About a days within the past, Gallot became surely one of the most ARMY participants to acknowledge to the #MatchAMillion hashtag, donating around $90 to Shaded Lives Matter.

“[BTS] are pushing us to use our platforms some distance more.” Gallot suggestedThe Linked Press, adding that BTS followers, including herself, had already started fundraising prior to BTS’ donation used to be made public.

Okay-pop consultants divulge zealous activism is nothing unusual for the followers.

“No topic the stereotypes about boy band followers, they are diagnosed for being politically mindful and helping elevate money for charitable causes online, especially on Twitter,” acknowledged Hyun-su Yim, Okay-pop reporter on theKorea Herald. “Which is why it took many contributors by shock when the fandom spearheaded efforts to drown out racist hashtags,” Yim acknowledged, referring to Okay-pop fandoms clogging up U.S. police apps and flooding racist hashtags with their favourite Okay-pop memes and fancies, rendering them useless.

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Though Okay-pop has been standard in Asia for many years, the rise of BTS all around the mid-2010s has grown followers in all corners of the field. Nonetheless, that world enlargement has every so continuously created tension all around the industrial, spurred by multiple factors including language and cultural differences.

Korean artists and labels have been thrust into uncharted territories the set they’re forced to take a stance on social factors, drawing criticism from followers who divulge some factors are too some distance-eradicated from their possess backyards.

Danny Kim, who runs “DKDKTV,” a preferred YouTube channel on all things Okay-pop, aspects out that Korean celebrities are no longer diagnosed to be vocal about social factors. “The frequent perception of a celeb is ‘he’s no longer there to narrate his notion — he’s there to for the enjoyment of the contributors,’” Kim acknowledged. He also acknowledged Okay-pop stars are every so continuously trip by gentle contracts, retaining them from making remarks that could presumably reach dilemma off friction.

Joseph Dorsey, a dark fan from Chicago, acknowledged he wants Okay-pop artists to enhance the Shaded Lives Matter crawl since the song industrial has lengthy benefited from adopting “dark American song and dark American tradition.”

Kim thinks it’s time for Okay-pop stars to focus on themselves.

“Okay-pop has change into no longer strictly a Korean thing anymore.”

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