Лучшие глобальные ответы на пандемию COVID-19


It’s June, and the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic hasnow shifted to the Americas, based completely on the World Successfully being Group. Because the arena transitions into the next stage of the worldwide pandemic, now is the time to copy on which countries dealt with the initial outbreak response better than others—both as an illustration for other countries to use and to gauge which countries private handiest positioned themselves for whatever comes subsequent. In that spirit, the team at Eurasia Crew developed a technique to evaluate key country* responses all over three areas: healthcare administration, political response, and financial policy response. These are the standouts… with an honorable mention thrown in as effectively.

Neighbors and entrance-line states: Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea

Taiwan (443 situations; 7 deaths)**

In the initial days of an endemic, the correct impart as harmful as being the epicenter of a world pandemic is being correct subsequent door to one… in particular one that has it out for you (politically speaking). Despite that, the self-governing island has managed a actually admirable response in less-than-ideally suited situations; as of this week, Taiwan has registered factual 443 situations and seven casualties.

As a replace of shuttering its economy for weeks on end result in an strive to unhurried the virus, Taiwan went one other means—after hasty closing its borders and banning exports of surgical masks, the authorities earlier contact tracing and mobile Sim-monitoring to title and originate particular these in quarantine had been in actuality abiding by the foundations. Taiwan has a single-payer healthcare machine, clinical officials held briefings for the public day-to-day, and businesses had been saved birth by the utilization of aggressive precautionary measures take care oftaking temperatures and offering sanitizerearlier than patrons could perchance enter commercial establishments. At some level of, the authorities’s centralized response became once seen as convincing and credible—it absolutely didn’t hurt that Taiwan’svice president is an epidemiologist.

You’re no longer China’s neighbor with out learning some things along the means, and theSARS abilitiespractically twenty years ago helped gird Taiwan for pandemics and the general China skepticism. Taiwan has also leveraged its private response intodiplomatic outreach, sending other arduous hit countries grand-wished clinical offers that it can well perchance spare (total with “Made in Taiwan” emblazoned masks). Clearly, no factual deed goes unpunished—Taiwan’s admirable response has drawn the ire of China who is unnerved about Taiwan’s outreach as a model to be pleased allies for its independence push. And the utilization of SIM-monitoring has given rise to some legitprivacy concerns. But for now, Taiwan’s response ranks amongst the arena’s handiest.

Singapore (38,965 situations; 25 deaths)

Singapore became once amongst the first countries hailed a “winner” for its pandemic response, a no longer easy-earned popularity on the encourage of its aggressive means to contact-tracing (which incorporatedscanning of us’s IDs at supermarkets) and customary testing. In retrospect, Singapore became once effectively-positioned to outperform others in its pandemic response givenits earlier lessons realized from the SARS epidemic, its little dimension (5.7 million of uscomplete) and centralized “nanny express” means no longer factual to healthcare crises, nonetheless other facets of policy as effectively. The authorities constructed temporary mattress spacesat breakneck speedsto residence COVID-19 patients, keeping the casualty charge low (

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