«Мы все еще не свободны». Потомок гонки в Талсе в 1921 году, когда президент Трамп принял решение провести митинг в выходные июня в Талсе


Itake into accout playing as a microscopic bit lady with my brothers on the playground on the historicalVernon A.M.E. Church, one amongst the few structures to continue to exist from the1921 Tulsa Flee Massacre. My mom and dad went to tune workshops on the church and we’d play outside now not radiant that we had been playing on sacred, blood-stained floor.

My big-grandmother Rebecca Brown Crutcher lived within the Greenwood community. She and her family had a barbecue joint gorgeous within the guts of the commercial district that we name “Sad Wall Avenue.” The total community became once self-ample and affluent — the image of Sad excellence.

Nonetheless in 1921, my big-grandmother fled in wretchedness of her existence attributable to white of us burned their communities to the floor. Frequently I take a seat aid and sweetness what my big-grandmother became once feeling as she became once disturbed, jumping on the aid of a pickup truck as armed white Tulsans told them they’d to leave. The survivors of the bloodbath had been compelled into silence by wretchedness-mongering and white supremacy ways in which persisted one day of the Jim Crow period—relish public lynchings.

Sad smoke billows from fires one day of the hotfoot rise up of 1921 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.—

Corbis/Getty Photography

The scars of this devastation label across Tulsa on the present time — and we’re composed coping with the residual outcomes.

There’s been a continual bloodbath since and the custom hasn’t modified in Tulsa. The railroad tracks at Greenwood and Archer divided the white aspect of city from the Sad aspect of city aid in 1921. In the present day in 2020, it composed symbolizes that racial divide.

The identical anti-Sad white-supremacy custom that burnt down my big-grandmother’s community, Sad Wall Avenue, is the same anti-Sad white supremacy custom in policing thatkilled my twin brother Terence Crutcher aid in 2016.

That is piece of why these previous few weeks had been so triggering for me and my family. When we organized and gathered in Tulsa to convey the death of George Floyd, and to inquire justice for my brother Terence and for assorted Sad Tulsans killed by the police, we had been met with police intimidation. And over the previous few days, a Tulsa police essential mentioned thatofficers must composed be shooting extra Sad of usin response to the solutions. Police had been caught on videoinviting and pinning down Sad young of usfor jaywalking in their very delight in neighborhood. TheTulsa mayor went on nationwide TVand insinuated that my brother, who became once unarmed with his fingers within the air, became once a technique or the other to blame for his delight in death attributable to of his drug addiction, and that hotfoot played no role.

So already being on high alert and retriggered, they announced President Trump might perchance possibly perchance perchance be turning in a speech gorgeous around the corner to a community that’s so crucial to Sad of us with an fabulous civil rights backdrop. His marketing and marketing campaign has spent days boasting of the a total bunch of thousands of these that will almost definitely be attending the Trump rally in Tulsa one day of the Juneteenth weekend, as we enter the centennial of the 1921 Tulsa Flee Massacre.

We don’t feel that the President or the mayor of this city are certified to bid our tales. So, we’re going to bid our delight in legend.

Tulsa activists Greg Robinson and Tiffany Crutcher lead restful protests within the wake of George Floyd’s death on Might well perchance also 31, 2020.

CreeseWorks—The Sad Wall Avenue Times

We’re honoring our ancestors on our historical rally for freedom by truth-telling about how we had been robbed of our generational wealth. How we had been orphaned, overwhelmed, killed. And we’re going togain in protection of Sad livesacross this country. Nonetheless we’re disturbed of the crew descending on our city in give a accept as true with to of the President, who has upheld somewhat than rejected the tenants of white supremacy.

Juneteenth is a vacationafter we have in mind that the emancipation became once now not with out problems won. And we’re gathering within the thousands—safely—inGreenwoodto commemorate our ongoing war for emancipation. Because in actual fact, we’re composed now not free.

After I bear in mind Juneteenth and what it represents, I bear in mind the phrases of my twin brother, Terence, from the final conversation we had on our 40th birthday. He told me: “I’m going to beat my struggles, I’m going to return to school, and I’m going to originate you proud. And God is going to score the glory out of my existence”

This Juneteenth weekend resides proof of Terence’s final phrases.

I in actual fact have witnessed the strength and esteem and resilience of our Sad community. We’ve continually drawn from the strength and resilience of our ancestors who rebuilt within the face of Jim Crow, slavery, segregation, mass incarceration. We now have gotten overcome every period of oppression. If they’d to realize it in blood, we have a likelihood to lift on that mantle for change and effect it for our future generations. I stand by the quote of Ella Baker, when she says, “Folk that mediate in freedom can now not relaxation.”

I mediate on this war for freedom and the truth that folk are locking palms and coming together to originate it happen. I attain mediate that right here’s the turning point. And sadly, so many had to die.Breonna Taylor.Ahmaud Arbery.George Floyd. Nonetheless these names are altering the field.

As told to Paulina Cachero. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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