Проверка фактов на ложь о COVID-19 из президентских дебатов


Few things are more crucial in the U.S. fair now than readability and fact on the coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 200,000 Americans and remains a chance to the lives and neatly being of thousands and thousands. Unfortunately, Tuesday night’s presidential debate in Ohio, hosted by the Cleveland Health center, change into as soon as rife with falsehoods concerning the character of the disease, the battle in opposition to it and what comes subsequent.

Here are four misstatements, and the coolest details. For extra politics-free, science-basically based completely files on the coronavirus pandemic, look TIME’s COVID-19coverage.

Who is in hazard?

In discussing how and when the economy will catch better from the deadly pandemic, President Donald Trump made sweeping claims concerning the invent of individuals that have a tendency to contract COVID-19. “We needed to [shut down the economy] because we didn’t know something else concerning the disease, now we found that aged individuals with coronary heart considerations and diabetes and quite loads of considerations are very, very inclined,” he acknowledged. “We realized loads. Younger youth aren’t, even younger individuals aren’t.”

It is a ways barely that of us with underlying conditions, or comorbidities, have a tendency to catch severely ill and die from COVID-19 at higher rates than those that are young and otherwise healthy. Peranalysisaffiliated with the Division of Health and Human Services and printed on the Services for Disease Alter and Prevention (CDC) web location, a majority out of a sample of 10,647 who died from the virus absorb been 65 or older, and most had underlying neatly being conditions.

However this identical files indicates that 30% of non-white coronavirus fatalities and 35% of Hispanic fatalities absorb been beneath 65, whereas 13% of white, non-Hispanic fatalities absorb been beneath that age. Further, whereas youth absorb now not confronted extreme indicators of COVID-19 as usually as older populations, the CDC has printedguidanceindicating that youth who seemingly encountered the virus in daycare companies then transmitted COVID-19 to their kin, and potentially adult childcare workers. Some scientists and doctors also possess that the virus has precipitated youth to contract something called “multisystem inflammatory syndrome”—which would perhaps coincide with inflammation of the coronary heart, lungs, kidneys, mind, skin, eyes, and gastrointestinal organs, and has precipitated at the least19 deaths.

—By Abby Vesoulis/Washington

Are masks efficient?

Trump acknowledged he only wears a masks himself “when I possess I need it,” and claimed that some public neatly being experts including Anthony Fauci absorb puzzled the effectiveness of masks sporting.

Truly, all top public neatly being experts now agree that sporting masks is vastly crucial and efficient in slowing the spread of COVID-19. “Face masks, these face masks, are the glorious, great public neatly being instrument we absorb,” CDC Director Robert Redfield acknowledged in Congressional testimony in September. “I’d even recede to this level as to declare that this face masks is more assured to give protection to me in opposition to COVID than when I bewitch a COVID vaccine,” Redfield added.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Hypersensitivity and Infectious Diseases, and quite loads of neatly being experts did imply in opposition to sporting masks in the early days of the pandemic amid fears about shortages for neatly being care workers, but that guidance change into as soon as updated in the spring. Now Fauci, devour quite loads of public neatly being experts,recommends“standard sporting of masks” as a key believe curbing the pandemic.

Vice President Joe Biden has been critical more scrupulous about masks-sporting than Trump. Trump infrequently ever seems in a masks in public, and Trump has been conserving colossal out of doorways rallies with out a social distancing and inconsistent masks sporting amongst the attendees. Ohio, the attach the debate change into as soon as held, is for the time being beneath a statewide masks expose and all participants are required to wear masks indoors after they aren’t at dwelling.

—by Tessa Berenson/Washington

How many African Americans also can die of COVID-19 by the end of 2020?

Early in the debate, Biden acknowledged that if Trump didn’t act quick, by the end of this 300 and sixty five days, 1 in 500 Dark Americans can absorb died from COVID-19. “One in 1,000 African Americans has been killed thanks to the coronavirus, and if he doesn’t catch something quick by the end of the 300 and sixty five days, one in 500 can absorb been killed—1 in 500 African Americans,” Biden acknowledged.

Dark Americans absorb beendisproportionately hurtby the coronavirus pandemic. Correct now, Dark Americans fable for 20.9% of all deaths from COVID-19, in keeping with theCDC. That share plot that 43,000 of the final 205,000 U.S. coronavirus-associated deaths absorb been Dark individuals. With 43.9 million Dark individuals in the United States,in keeping with July 2019 inhabitants estimates, which plot the price of death from COVID amongst Dark Americans is about 1 in 1,022. That also will more than seemingly be a gigantic and tragic amount.

However in expose for the virus to absorb killed 1 in 500 Dark Americans by the end of the 300 and sixty five days, the death price must spike catastrophically. The total preference of American deaths must double in the subsequent three months, or the proportion of Dark individuals death must lengthen time and as soon as more over.

The share of Dark deaths reported by the CDC also can find yourself changing because files on bustle is unavailable for many deaths, nonetheless it’s extremely now not going that the final share is excessive ample to assemble Biden’s statistic fair.

Dark Americans also face a colossal preference of obstacles to neatly being care even in celebrated times, andstudiesabsorb shown thatsystemic racismin America’s neatly being care machine can outcome in worse neatly being outcomes. However even with all of these concerns, there might be rarely always any evidence to lend a hand up Biden’s projection.

—by Abigail Abrams/New York

When will a vaccine be on hand?

Responding to criticisms of his dealing with of the global pandemic, Trump boasted an extended list of supposed wins. “The governors acknowledged I did a lovely job, most of them acknowledged that, in level of fact, those that would now not be necessarily on my facet, acknowledged that President Trump did a lovely job. We bought the robes, we bought the masks. We made the ventilators,” he acknowledged. “And now we’re weeks a ways from a vaccine.”

Loads of of these claims are uncertain: Non-public protective tools is restful onerous to achieve lend a hand by—even amongst clinical mavens. Some clinical workers proceed to reuse N95 respirator masksfor weeks if now not months.However even his maintain team disputes the real fact of Trump’s declare that America is “weeks a ways from a vaccine.”

Some in his Administrationabsorb claimedthat obvious excessive-chance groups, devour clinical providers, also will more than seemingly be vaccinated at the end of this 300 and sixty five days if vaccine trials development seamlessly. However Dr. Moncef Slaoui—one in every of the tip scientists engaged on Trump’s vaccine initiative—assertedit change into as soon as “extremely now not going” a vaccine might well perchance be ready by October or November. Slaoui added that it would seemingly bewitch unless “the center of 2021” to vaccinate the final U.S. inhabitants. Redfield alsotestifiedthis month that a vaccine would now not seemingly be extensively on hand unless subsequent spring or summer.

—Abby Vesoulis/Washington

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