Wolf 'snatches pet kangaroo' from Belgium hom


Avon Valley National Park wild Kangaroo in West Australia (stock image)Image copyright Getty Shots
Image caption No remains of the kangaroo were chanced on (stock photograph)

A wolf has reportedly taken a privately owned kangaroo from a family’s garden in Balen, north-east Belgium.

Jan Bathrooms, a wolf knowledgeable, used to be known as to the property by the homeowners and acknowledged he had chanced on wolf prints at the scene.

Mr Bathrooms suggested AFP the kangaroo is “doubtlessly useless” having been eaten by the animal. He acknowledged a 2d kangaroo had additionally been wounded within the attack.

Wild wolves used to live in a lot of continental Europe, however their numbers were depleted by hunting.

In latest years, sightings of the animals were on the amplify and in 2018 one used to be recorded in Belgium for the first time in more than 100 years.

Mr Bathrooms, the director of a wolf and wildlife centre known as Landschap, acknowledged he believed an animal named August could perhaps maybe be within the back of the animal’s disappearance.

The wolf has been seen slipping across a internal sight border into Germany and is known to trudge the design, he acknowledged.

“I chanced on wolf prints, so or now now not it’s slightly obvious or now now not it’s a ways a wolf, however we’re now now not 100 per cent obvious which wolf,” he suggested AFP.

The knowledgeable acknowledged local wolves typically ate animals savor boars and deer, however the size of a kangaroo would possess made it easy to retract off.

No remains of the kangaroo were chanced on, Mr Bathrooms added.

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