Как появилась песня о влюбленных динозаврах, в которых влюбляются все


On some cases, there is a magical second so pure and unexpected that it catapults a young well-known individual into the viral mix. Right here’s such an event; if there’s one all-time considerable music destined to comb the 2021 Grammys, it’s this ditty about the intimate connection between dinosaurs it takes the wonderment of a young minute one to accept as true with.

Right here are the lyrics to a music shared by the 3-yr-stale prodigy Fenn’s father, Tom Rosenthal, who happens to be a songwriter and singer primarily based completely in London:

“Dinosaurs ingesting other folks. Dinosaurs in esteem. Dinosaurs having a celebration. They expend fruit and cucumber. They fell in esteem. They are saying, ‘thanks.’ A Colossal Bang came, and then they died. Dinosaurs dinosaurs fell in esteem. But they didn’t narrate goodbye. But they didn’t narrate goodbye.”

“Fenn, my almost 4 yr stale daughter, recorded her first ever solo music as we tell. She came up along with your whole words herself and I helped her a minute bit bit with the tune. It’s known as ‘Dinosaurs in Fancy’” he wrote.

Comprise truer words ever been sung? If fact be told, why ask the ask when the answer is clearly no.

Courtesy of Tom Rosenthal

The total melodies and lyrics came from Fenn, Rosenthal explains, adding that he became appropriate there to abet manual her. “She wished to originate a music about dinosaurs. She stood next to the mic, and it all correct came out,” Rosenthal tells TIME.

The video has been considered almost 600,000 cases as of Wednesday morning. As for what Fenn thinks of the music’s resonance, Rosenthal thinks it would possibly maybe well also very properly be laborious to wrap her head around what a atomize it has turn into in a single day. “She can barely count past 17,” he notes, “so she has no belief what half 1,000,000 system.”

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