Большинство детей не получают тяжелый COVID-19, большое исследование подтверждает


Alarge European exploreconfirms a rare little bit of fine-looking news about COVID-19: childrenappear to be largely sparedfrom the worst of its outcomes.

The paper, published June 25 inthe Lancet Child & Adolescent Health,suggests nicely fewer than 1% of kids who produce COVID-19 will plug on to die from it, and the huge majority will no longer need intensive care. In incompatibility, in one of the sphere’s hardest-hit countries, case fatality ratios that embody adults areestimated (albeit the usage of preliminary files) to bebigger than 10%.

The brand new explore analyzed case files from nearly 600 pediatric COVID-19 sufferers from 21 varied European countries. The youngsters ranged in age from three days to 18 years frail, and boys made up precise over half of of the team. Three-quarters of the children had no preexisting scientific prerequisites.

Extra than half of of the children had been admitted to a sanatorium, but handiest 8% required intensive care, the researchers found. Most efficient four sufferers died from their illness. That works out to a case fatality fee of 0.69%.

Across complete populations, the explicit fee is also a lot decrease, the researchers write, since many children infected with COVID-19 dangle such light cases they never require sanatorium therapy in the fundamental situation, now to not explain could per chance peaceable be admitted to a sanatorium. As an illustration, 16% of kids in the explore never showed COVID-19 indicators; many of them had been handiest tested attributable to they’d had shut contact with one more infected person.

The researchers found that infants younger than one month of age had been extra seemingly than older children to need intensive care—but, curiously, all four of the sufferers who died had been older than 10. Two of the children who died had pre-existing scientific prerequisites,a identified likelihoodcomponent for extra excessive illness.

As with adults, boys had been extra seemingly to be require intensive care than girls, basically based fully on the explore.

“Co-infection” with one more virus—love influenza or one more stress of coronavirus—additionally perceived to amplify the severity of a kid’s illness, which the researchers write “could per chance dangle implications for the winter length 2020–21, when the incidence of assorted viral respiratory tract infections…is depart to amplify.”

The explore’s files had been gathered from April 1 to April 24, before a string of experiences advised a that you simply will be ready to imagine connection between COVID-19 and apediatric inflammatory situationequivalent to Kawasaki illness. That situation, which will lead to shock and fatal heart destroy, remains very rare, and researchers are peaceable determining precisely how, if the least bit, it relates to coronavirus.

The brand new paper comes because the median age of COVID-19 sufferersis trending downwardin the U.S. The shift in demographics appears to be like to be pushed largely by younger adults—no longer children—getting infected in bigger numbers, as well to better testing protocols. Analysis in the U.S. and in another country peaceable suggests children are far less seemingly than adults to provide a serious case of coronavirus.

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