California sheriff fires deputy who choked suspect that died


A Northern California sheriff says he’s firing a deputy who feeble a choke relief on a particular person, who later died, while officers were investigating a suspected carjacking


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December 20, 2019, 8: 49 PM

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SAN FRANCISCO — A Northern California sheriff introduced Friday he’s firing a deputy who feeble a choke relief on a particular person, who later died, while officers were investigating a suspected carjacking.

Sonoma County Sheriff Impress Essick acknowledged in a video that he found footage of the deputy’s actions “extremely troubling.” The video launched by the division comprises the body camera footage of the violent encounter between Deputy Charles Blount and David Glen Ward, who had reported his automobile stolen.

“When you happen to watched the body-broken-down camera video closely, it’s good to perhaps perhaps additionally be all in favour of what you saw. So changed into I,” Essick acknowledged. “The sort Deputy Blount handles the total difficulty is incredibly troubling. As a end result, I’ve served Deputy Blount a undercover agent of termination.”

Ward died the morning of Nov. 27 after two sheriff’s deputies and two Sebastopol cops mistook him for a stolen automobile suspect. Ward had reported his green Honda Civic stolen three days earlier by a particular person who he acknowledged pistol-whipped him. He changed into utilizing the car when officers tried to pull him over and he refused to quit. After they did at remaining pull him over, he did no longer describe officers he changed into the car’s proprietor and Essick acknowledged it remains a mystery why he fled from officers.

Ward, who has a blackened left witness, could perhaps be heard on the video asking officers “why are you (expletive) harassing me the total time?” Moments later Blount could perhaps be seen making an try to pull Ward out of the car via the window. Ward screams in anguish, announcing his legs anguish.

Blount then tells fellow officers Ward bit him and he could perhaps be seen pulling Ward by his hair, then slamming his head time and again in opposition to the side of the car while one other officer deploys a stun gun on him.

Blount then places Ward in a choke relief all the plan via the car for lots of seconds while other officers ruin the passenger-side window. After they rush Ward out of the car via, he lies dreary on the bottom as lots of officers say he’s unconscious.

Ward changed into pronounced listless at a sanatorium. The coroner is reviewing the case and has no longer but clear a reason on the serve of death.

The sheriff acknowledged Blount has been on paid administrative leave since the incident.

The Sonoma County Deputy Sheriff’s Association did no longer in an instant acknowledge to a question to assert on behalf of Blount on Friday.

Ward’s half-sister, Catherine Aguilera, has acknowledged her brother feeble medicines and hadhealthissues that began 20 years within the past when a drunken driver hit him while he changed into riding a motorbike, along side chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and a coronary heart situation. Aguilera acknowledged Ward had to carry an oxygen tank and expend a walker or a wheelchair.

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